Weaver - 0898110 - Regular HAAS Velox Ascender




Weaver HAAS Velox

The HAAS Velox makes the original HAAS even better; the floating knee ascender. The HAAS is a unique ascent tool designed by Michael Frankhauser from the U.S.
It gives the climber an easier and faster way to ascend. It can be added to double rope systems, SRT systems, with the Rope Wrench, Hitchhiker, or without. The HAAS Features a fully integrated knee ascender that captures all of the advancement made by your other foot. It does this by allowing the bungee to run past the ascender all the way to the foot through a liner where it then pulls the lower tether and ascender up the line from the bottom when it is un-weighted. The result is a smooth efficient ergonomically correct ascent that uses major muscle groups evenly and drastically reduces fatigue and stress. If you ever thought it would be cool to use two foot ascenders here is your chance.

  • Fully integrated system, bungee, tether, and ascender, all in one piece, which operates below your hitch and only on one side.
  • Additional 18" of bungee in the system
  • One size fits all, zero setup, efficient rope access tool.
  • Snap is tied just above the ascender and will extract out 30 inches
  • Sizing setup time eliminated
  • Removes 'deadspots' in return action
  • 3 types: Regular fits 5'8" climbers and taller; Short: for those <5'8"
  • Clip N Step: clip directly to ArbPro boot loops; Works well with ArbPro Clip N Step boots, or with an added separate footloop.

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