Teufelberger - NEHV12600 - Safety Blue – Hi-Vee – 1/2" x 600'




Teufelberger Safety Blue – Hi-Vee


  • Diameter - 1/2" | 12.7 mm
  • ABS - 5,800lbs | 2,636kg
  • Construction – 16-Strand
  • Cover/Core – Polyester/Polyamide
  • Elongation at 10% - 3%
  • Weight – 7 lbs per 100' | 3.2 kg per 30 m
  • Spliceable - Yes, Hand

Teufelberger Safety Blue is named for the blue core fibers. If your line is cut or significantly worn the color acts as a warning indicator to the user. Safety Blue has been an industry favorite since it was introduced. Great climbing line with high strength, flexibility, and safety features.


  • Safety blue is treated with a special coating for durability and grip
  • Plied strand yarns for improved abrasion resistance
  • Affordable and strong

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