Spyder - 91266 - Pole 1 5/8" CTB Pole Climbing Kit w/ Straps & T Pads




Spyder Climb Right Climbing Kit w/ Straps & T Pads

Spyder Climb Right Aluminum Spurs are lighter than steel climbers while maintaining high strength. Made by Spyder Manufacturing with a straight shank from tempered aluminum. The bottoms of the climbers are textured for better grip when walking on tree limbs. The gaffs are made in Spyder’s new “Quick Change” style, with a two- screw design that lets you switch or replace gaffs quickly. The top screw is fully threaded through the gaff, giving the operator a visual guarantee the gaff is completely tightened to the climbing stirrup. Choose the right combination for your climbing needs. Climb Right recommends a combined body, clothing and tool weight of 350 lbs.

  • Kit with Spurs, Straps, and T Pads
  • Straight shank and offset stirrup
  • Gaffs are interchangeable
  • Adjustable in height from 153/4" to 183/4"

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