Singing Tree - 23180-80043 - Milled Quickie




Singing Tree Milled Quickie

Developed by Kevin Bingham, the inventor of the Rope Wrench and Rope Runner, the Original Quickie is a locking steel connection that can be used for nearly everything you would use a carabiner for – and more.

  • Half the size of standard carabiners
  • Makes a great connection for a base anchor or canopy anchor because it experience the side loading problems of a standard carabiner
  • The quadruple action slic pin rotates, lowering friction when used to choke arope
  • Major Axis: 30 kN; Minor Axis: 15 kN
  • Dimensions: Length: 2.25"; Width (no slic pin): 1.5"
  • New Slic Pin Length: 2.5"; Sideplate Width: 0.875

The Quickie pin is not compatible with other Singing Tree devices.

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