Simpson - 80151 - Screen Filter And O-Ring Kit




Product Description

Help keep your pressure washer couplers in top shape with the SIMPSON O-ring kit for gas powered pressure washers. Contains a variety of O-rings and screen filters to replace worn or damaged parts. Universal to fit many gas powered pressure washer components. SIMPSON pressure washers and accessories are engineered, manufactured and sold with the singular purpose of removing dirt, filth and grime, from nearly any substrate. With over 50 years of experience, we understand the importance of power, performance and reliability and have continually met the needs of consumer and commercial customers across North America, year in and year out. Sizes included: green O-ring quantity: 2 - 14.0mm od/8.6mm id/2.7mm cs, yellow O-ring quantity: 2 - 14.0mm od/9.8mm id/2.1mm cs, red O-ring quantity: 2 - 15.6mm od/10.0mm id/2.8mm cs, blue O-ring quantity: 2 - 18.0mm od/12.7mm id/2.65mm cs, black O-ring quantity: 2 - 15.0mm od/9.0mm id/3.0mm cs, black filter quantity: 2 - 25.0mm od/15.5mm id/3.5mm cs.

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