Simpson - 80132 - 13Sia-400 Simpson Gas Pressure




Product Description

The SIMPSON Power Washer brand is synonymous with high quality cleaning equipment and in meeting the needs of customers who like to keep their belongings in tip-top condition. This gas pressure washer accessory kit is for use with the SIMPSON MSV3024 and other gas pressure washers with quick connect spray wands. 4000 PSI Max. Set includes quick connect set, water broom and pump guard and garden hose filter kit. Water broom: 4-Nozzle design for efficient large surface cleaning, Rear sweeper brush assists in clearing debris, Lightweight cover keeps water and dirt contained, Easily attaches to quick connect spray wands. Pump guard: Specially formulated to add years of life to pressure washer pumps, Protects from freezing (to-25 F) and minimizes harmful corrosion, Lubricates valves, seals & pistons to prevent sticking. Garden Hose quick connect: Quickly attach the garden hose to your pressure washer, Saves time during pressure washer setup and shut down, Fits standard garden hose connections.

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