Silky - 34013 - 130 mm Folding PocketBoy Saw




Silky PocketBoy Saws

Known for their great cutting capabilities the PocketBoy line are a compact, and lightweight folding saw with 6-3/4-inch blade. It’s been nicknamed as ”Little Giant.”

  • Blade locks securely into one of two open positions, in line with the handle.
  • Resists the effects of tree resin and easily wipes clean.
  • Non-slip rubberized handle provides a sure and comfortable grip.
  • Comes in a clear plastic flip-lock carrying case with belt clip is included.
  • 2 blade lengths are interchangeable blades within the same blade length.
  • 4 tooth configurations (TPI - teeth per inch): 7 TPI - Large/Coarse (pruning, green wood), 8.5 TPI - Medium (soft wood), 17 TPI - Fine (hard wood, bamboo), and 22 TPI - Extra Fine (dry hard wood/carpentry).
  • Color-coded handle associated with the teeth configuration: Red – Large teeth, Black - Medium teeth, Yellow - Fine teeth, and Purple - Extra Fine teeth.
  • Clear plastic flip-lock carrying case with belt clip is included
  • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

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