Portable Winch - PCA-1291 - Auto Release For Open Pulley




Portable Winch - PCA-1291 - Auto Release For Open Pulley


The automatic release is used to free the rope from the pulley at the right moment to allow the log to finish its path parallel to the trail, without having to interrupt the operation to remove the rope from the pulley. When the trigger hits the open-face pulley, its diameter ejects the rope, allowing the log to pivot along the trail and continue its path straight towards the winch or pulling vehicle.

This accessory greatly improves the productivity of small-scale foresters.

This product is of great interest for you, check-out our Skidding Cone Kit (PCA-1290-K) which includes this automatic release, the pulling plate, the open-face corner block and more!


For ropes of up to 1/2'' in diameter.

To be used in combination with the Open Face Corner Block (PCA-1270)

*The use of an anchoring such as the PCA-1268 or the PCA-1269 is recommended when used with one of our portable capstan winches. It is not recommended for use with a portable winch when anchored with a sling: when the rope’s tension gets released, the winch would fall to the ground and could suffer damage.

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