Portable Winch - PCA-1270 - Open Face Corner Block




Portable Winch - PCA-1270 - Open Face Corner Block


The open-face pulley is designed to pull trees perpendicular to a path when the traction comes from a vehicle. It is also useful for deviating trajectory and get around obstacles. In addition, when installed at height, it creates a pulling angle that allows the tip of the log to be slightly lifted and thus reduces friction on the ground.

Made of steel, it is shock-resistant and is generally used paired with the automatic release (PCA-1291). The sheave is smooth and without sharp edges: it will not damage synthetic lines.

Its 4'' diameter provides excellent efficiency.

Attach it to a tree with one of our polyester slings.

This product is of great interest for you, check-out our Skidding Cone Kit (PCA-1290-K) which includes this pulley, the automatic release and more!


  • WILL (working load limit) - 20 kN (4495 lb)
  • ROPE Ø - 1/4'' to 1/2''
  • SHEAVE Ø – 4”
  • MATERIAL – Steel
  • WEIGHT – 5 lb

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