Portable Winch - PCA-1259 - Sling Polyester 60MMx2.5M




Portable Winch - PCA-1259 - Sling Polyester 60MMx2.5M


Our polyester slings can be used for many things:

  • To attach our winches to an anchor point; in this case, it will be used in basket type configuration (U);
    • To attach a pulley to a tree or pole, then, it will be used in choker configuration;
    • To pull a vehicle with another vehicle. Here, you will use it in a straight line.
    • And even more!

In any case, refer to the table below to know the working load limit* according to your use!


Working Load Limit

  • Straight Line: 4,400 lb
  • Choker: 3,525 lb
  • Basket (U): 8,800 lb

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