Oregon 97-123 High Lift Blade for 46" Murray, Scotts - 4566313, 492117, 056631E701





Blade Width - 2.25"

Thickness - 0.134"

Blade Length - 15-3/4"

Center Hole Size - 13/16"

OffSet - 5/8"

Air Lift - 1"

Product Description

The Oregon® 97-123 replacement lawn mower blade is made to the exact OEM specification for optimum performance. Our blades are individually straightened and hardened to provide a consistent, cleaner cut and increase blade longevity.

Product Details

  • Center hole: 13/16"
  • Requires 3 blades for 46" cut
  • High-lift: The aggressive blade angle increases air flow to push debris up-and-out for superior bagging or side discharge.
  • Superior mulching for bagging and discharge efficiency
  • Enhanced hardening to keep the blade sharper and more durable
  • Replacement for major brands: Murray, Scott

Fits the Following Models:


24760x20C, 24760x20D, 46250x30A, 46254x15B, 46258x6A, 46370x5C, 46377x8A, 46378x62A, 46378x6A, 46378x6B, 46379A, 46379x192A, 46379x192B, 46379x30A, 46379x83A, 46379x92A, 46379x92B, 46400A, 46400x5A, 46401x30A, 46401x6A, 46403x199A, 46403x30A, 46403x8A, 46404x21A, 46404x6A, 46404x89A, 46404x8A, 46560x192A, 46560x92A, 46567x30A, 46567x6A, 46567x6B, 46568A, 46800B, 46804A, 46900B, 46901x192A, 46901x92B, 46904x192A, 46904x92A, 46905x30A, 46906x199A, 46906x99A, 46907A

Replaces the Following Blades:


056631E701, 056631E701MA, 092117E701, 092117E701MA, 456631, 4566313, 4566313MA, 456631MA, 492117, 492117MA, 5510, 5510MA, 5511, 5511MA, 56631E700, 56631E701, 656631, 92117, 92117E700



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