Oregon 91-508 Heavy Duty Blade for 50" Dixie Chopper, Dixon - 30227-50, 3022750, 539126431, 9258, 9265





Blade Width - 2.50"

Thickness - 0.250"

Blade Length - 17"

Center Hole Size - 5/8"

OffSet - 0

Air Lift - 1-3/16"

Product Description

The Oregon® 91-508 blade for lawn mowers are created to provide consistency and longevity, while delivering a cleaner cut and quality results. Requires 3 lawn mower blade for a 50" cut.

Product Details

  • Center hole: 5/8"
  • Enhanced mulching for bagging and discharge efficiency
  • Stays sharp and Standard
  • X-Tended Cutting Length™ optimizes the cutting efficiency with each revolution
  • Replacement for major brand: Jacobsen
  • Requires 3 blades for 50" cut

Fits the Following Models:

Dixie Chopper

2044, 2344, 2350, 2560, 2650, 2750, 2760, LT1800-34, LT1800-44, LT2000-36, LT2000-44, LT2000-50D, LT2200-34, LT2300-50D, LT2400-44D, LT2400-50D, LT2500-44D, LT2500-50D, LT2700-60D, RB2700-34, RB2700-44, RB2700-50, SE2550, SE2734, SE2744, SE2750, SE2760HP, X2003-50, X2303-50, X2503-50, X2703-60, XF2700-50, XFG2700-50, XFG2700-60, XG2503-50

Replaces the Following Blades:

Dixie Chopper

113579, 30227-50, 30227-50E, 30227-50H, 30227-50T, 30227-50V, 30227-50X, 30227-H, 30227-N, 3022750, 3022750H, 3022750V, 30227H, A30227-50N


539126431, 9258, 9265

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