Oregon - 90PX039G - 10" Chain - 3/8" Pitch, Low Profile, .043" Gauge, 39 Drive Links for 61PMM339E





Product Family - AdvanceCut™

Pitch - 3/8" Low Profile™

Chain Type - 90PX

Gauge - .043"

Drive Links - 39

Bar Length - 10"

Chain Low Kickback (ANSI) - Yes

Narrow Kerf - No

File Size - 4.5 mm

Package Type – Loop

Product Description

Designed for homeowners and landscapers using small low-powered saws, the Oregon 90PX039G AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain Reel is a .043" Gauge, gauge, 3/8" low profile chain. This chain allows homeowners and landscapers to maintain their trees with ease. Oregon’s narrow kerf cutting systems require less power from the saw than standard cutting systems which means they are more efficient. The chainsaw chain’s narrow .043" Gauge, gauge makes it roughly 15% lighter. The low-vibration, low kickback Chamfer Chisel cutters have twin cutting corners which offer outstanding performance. Always use this chain with guide bars designed for narrow kerf chainsaw chain. The Oregon 90PX039G AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain fits Echo PAS 260, PP1400, PP300, PP600, PPF 210, PPF 225, PPF-2400, PPF-280, PPSR-2122, PPT 230, PPT 231, PPT 260, PPT 261, PPT-2100 Type 1/1E Serial #510493 & up, PPT-2400 Type 1/1E Serial # 526264 & up, PPT-265, PPT-265H, PPT-265S, PPT-266, PPT-266H, PPT-266S, PPT-280, PP1260, PP400, PP1400-D, PPF-2100, PP800, PPF 211, and PP-1250 as well as chainsaws made by Efco and Power Pruner. See Fit Guide for details.

Product Details

  • Pitch: 3/8" Low Profile™, gauge: .043", narrow kerf, drive link count: 39
  • LubriTec™ keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
  • Top-Plate Filing Indicators make accurate sharpening easier
  • For saw sizes up to 42 cc
  • Always use narrow kerf chain in combination with narrow kerf designed bars
  • This saw chain met the kickback performance requirement of ANSI B175.1-2012 when tested according to the provisions of ANSI B175.1-2012. Low-kickback saw chain meets the kickback performance requirement of CSA Standard Z62.3.

Fits the Following Saws:


PAS-260, PP-1250, PP-1260, PP-1400, PP-1400-D, PP-300, PP-400, PP-600, PP-800, PPF-210, PPF-2100, PPF-211, PPF-225, PPF-2400, PPF-2620, PPF-280, PPSR-2122, PPT-2100 Type 1/1E Serial #510493 & up, PPT-230, PPT-231, PPT-2400 Type 1/1E Serial # 526264 & up, PPT-260, PPT-261, PPT-2620, PPT-2620H, PPT-265, PPT-265H, PPT-265S, PPT-266, PPT-266H, PPT-266S, PPT-280


Multi Mate Pruner, PT2500, PT2700, PTX2500, PTX2700

Power Pruner

PP1200, PP1250, PP1260, PP1400, PP1400-D, PP300, PP400, PP600, PP800, PPF-210, PPF-2100, PPF-211, PPF-225, PPF-2400, PPSR-2122, PPSR-2433, PPT-2100, PPT-230, PPT-231, PPT-2400, PPT-260, PPT-261

Replaces the Following Chain:







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