Oregon 83-302 Oil Filter for Honda 15400-PLM-A01PE, 15400-ZJ1-004





Mounting Thread - 20mmx1.5mm

Micron - 27

Anti Drain Back Valve - No

Outer Diameter - 2-11/16"

Product Description

This oil filter is 27 micron and fits GX610, GX620, GXV340, GXC390, GXV630, GXV660, GXV670, GXV690, and BF marine engines, EB12 gen sets and H6522 compact tractors.

Product Details

  • 27 micron
  • Height: 3-3/8"
  • Outer diameter: 2-11/16"
  • Mounting thread: 20mm x 1.5mm
  • Replaces Honda

Replaces the Following OEM Part Numbers:


15400-PLM-A01PE, 15400-ZJ1-004, 7698475

Fits the Following Models:


701 MODELS, 808 MODELS, BF115A1 LA, BF115A1 LCA, BF115A1 XA, BF115A1 XCA, BF115A2 LA, BF115A2 LCA, BF115A2 XA, BF115A2 XCA, BF115A3 LA, BF115A3 LCA, BF115A3 XA, BF115A3 XCA, BF115A4 LA, BF115A4 LCA, BF115A4 XA, BF115A4 XCA, BF115A5 LA, BF115A5 LCA, BF115A5 XA, BF115A5 XCA, BF115A6 LA, BF115A6 LCA, BF115A6 XA, BF115A6 XCA, BF115AK0 LA, BF115AK0 XA, BF115AX LA, BF115AX LCA, BF115AX XA, BF115AX XCA, BF115AY LA, BF115AY LCA, BF115AY XA, BF115AY XCA, BF115D LA, BF115D XA, BF115D XCA, BF130A1 LA, BF130A1 LCA, BF130A1 XA, BF130A1 XCA, BF130A2 LA, BF130A2 LCA, BF130A2 XA, BF130A2 XCA, BF130A3 LA, BF130A3 LCA, BF130A3 XA, BF130A3 XCA, BF130A4 LA, BF130A4 LCA, BF130A4 XA, BF130A4 XCA, BF130AX LA, BF130AX LCA, BF130AX XA, BF130AX XCA, BF130AY LA, BF130AY LCA, BF130AY XA, BF130AY XCA, BF135A4 LA, BF135A4 XA, BF135A4 XCA, BF135A5 LA, BF135A5 XA, BF135A5 XCA, BF135A6 LA, BF135A6 XA, BF135A6 XCA, BF135AK0 LA, BF135AK0 XA, BF135AK0 XCA, BF150A4 LA, BF150A4 XA, BF150A4 XCA, BF150A5 LA, BF150A5 XA, BF150A5 XCA, BF150A6 LA, BF150A6 XA, BF150A6 XCA, BF150AK0 LA, BF150AK0 XA, BF150AK0 XCA, BF200A2 LA, BF200A2 XA, BF200A2 XCA, BF200A2 XXA, BF200A2 XXCA, BF200A3 LA, BF200A3 XA, BF200A3 XCA, BF200A3 XXA, BF200A3 XXCA, BF200A4 LA, BF200A4 XA, BF200A4 XCA, BF200A4 XXA, BF200A4 XXCA, BF200A5 LA, BF200A5 XA, BF200A5 XCA, BF200A5 XXA, BF200A5 XXCA, BF200A6 LA, BF200A6 XA, BF200A6 XCA, BF200A6 XXA, BF200A6 XXCA, BF200AK0 LA, BF200AK0 XA, BF200AK0 XCA, BF225A2 LA, BF225A2 XA, BF225A2 XCA, BF225A2 XXA, BF225A2 XXCA, BF225A3 LA, BF225A3 XA, BF225A3 XCA, BF225A3 XXA, BF225A3 XXCA, BF225A4 LA, BF225A4 XA, BF225A4 XCA, BF225A4 XXA

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