Oregon 82-515 Spindle Assembly for MTD 618-0240, 618-0240A, 618-0430, 618-0430A, 618-0430B, 918-0240




Product Description

This spindle assembly fits center and right hand on 46" decks for MTD 600 and 800 series riders. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

Fits center and RH on 46" deck

For 600 and 800 series riders

Fits star hole blades

Use with Oregon® 45-259 bearings, 85-049 spindle shaft and 44-102 pulley

Replaces MTD

Fits the Following Models:


13A0675H301, 13A4616H790, 13A6616H190, 13A6665H000, 13A6675H301, 13A6695H000, 13A6695H147, 13A6698H033, 13A6699H192, 13A7668H352, 13A8693H026, 13AB606H730, 13AB699H062, 13AF673H131, 13AF695H352, 13AG601H729, 13AG619H022, 13AG679H009, 13AG679H023, 13AG679H709, 13AG683H163, 13AG688H300, 13AG688H722, 13AG698H022, 13AI607H019, 13AI607H088, 13AI607H098, 13AI607H118, 13AI608H026, 13AI608H062, 13AI608H129, 13AI608H131, 13AI608H352, 13AI609H131, 13AI617H118, 13AI618H205, 13AI673H352, 13AI674H352, 13AI675H062, 13AI693H131, 13AI695H372, 13AI699H062, 13AI699H088, 13AI69AH118, 13AJ608H131, 13AJ616H190, 13AJ626H190, 13AJ693H131, 13AJ694H401, 13AJ695H205, 13AJ699H016, 13AJ699H062, 13AK695H352, 13AL605H057, 13AL771H004, 13AL771H029, 13AL795H004, 13AN601H729, 13AN607H352, 13AN693H026, 13AN695H352, 13AN698H009, 13AN698H022, 13AN771H729, 13AN775H790, 13AN795H790, 13AO673H054, 13AO673H754, 13AO678H054, 13AO69AG019, 13AO771H055, 13AO772H755, 13AP606H790, 13AP616G597, 13AP616H597, 13AP61GG897, 13AP61GH897, 13AQ607H000, 13AQ608H129, 13AQ608H131, 13AQ608H729, 13AQ617H118, 13AQ665H000, 13AQ670H088, 13AQ670H788, 13AQ675H205, 13AQ675H302, 13AQ695H120, 13AQ695H352, 13AQ695H730, 13AQ698H022, 13AQ698H722, 13AQ699H205, 13AQ699H206, 13AS607H352, 13AS608H131, 13AS608H731, 13AS673H131, 13AS675H205, 13AS675H301, 13AS675H302, 13AS678H205, 13AS693H131, 13AS695H372, 13AS698H131, 13AS699H062, 13AS699H088, 13AS699H206, 13AS699H788, 13AT604H401, 13AT604H452, 13AT604H701, 13AT604H755, 13AT605H718, 13AT605H755, 13AT606H190, 13AT608H016, 13AT614H401, 13AT614H701, 13AT614H755, 13AT616H190, 13AT618H300, 13AT686H190, 13AT688H131, 13AT688H731, 13AT696H190, 13AU604H099, 13AU604H401, 13AU604H402, 13AU607H131, 13AU608H016, 13AU609H131, 13AU614H755, 13AU618H016, 13AU618H098, 13AU618H705, 13AU624H401, 13AU694H016, 13AU694H062, 13AU694H088, 13AU694H401, 13AU695H205, 13AV607H131, 13AV616G597, 13AV61GG897, 13AX604H401, 13AX605H730, 13AX611H705, 13AX615H730, 13AX615H731, 13AX775H031, 13AX775H231, 13AX775H730, 13AX79TH090, 13AZ608H131, 13AZ614H401, 13AZ614H452, 13AZ614H701, 13AZ618H016, 13AZ618H705, 13BG698H022, 13BI608H129, 13BI618H205, 13BI675H062, 13BJ695H205, 13BK695H352, 13BP605H755, 13BQ607H000, 13BQ695H352, 13BS608H131, 13BS693H131, 13BT604H401, 13BT604H452, 13BT604H755, 13BT616H190, 13BT696H190, 13BX775H031, 13CS608H731, 13RL771H029, 13RL771H229, 13RN771H729, 13XQ698H000, 145V834H401, 147U836H190, 147W834H401, 14A6816H190, 14A9843H206, 14AG808H163, 14AG808H300, 14AG808H722, 14AI808H131, 14AI808H718, 14AI808H731, 14AI825H352, 14AI828H205, 14AI839H131, 14AI845H088, 14AI845H129, 14AI845H352, 14AI845H372, 14AI848H205, 14AI849H016, 14AI849H131, 14AJ816H190, 14AJ825H118, 14AJ844H401, 14AJ845H062, 14AJ848H016, 14AJ848H131, 14AJ849H131, 14AJ84AH062, 14AK825H033, 14AQ808H129, 14AQ825H206, 14AS820H352, 14AS825H000, 14AS825H013, 14AS825H033, 14AS825H062, 14AS825H118, 14AS825H205, 14AS825H206, 14AS825H302, 14AS825H700, 14AS82AH013, 14AS833H131, 14AS83AH000, 14AS840H120, 14AS843H131, 14AS845H000, 14AS845H088, 14AS845H147, 14AS845H372, 14AS845H788, 14AS848H022, 14AS848H098, 14AS849H009, 14AS84AH019, 14AS84AH062, 14AT808H129, 14AT808H300, 14AT808H722, 14AT808H731, 14AT818H205, 14AU804H401, 14AU836H190, 14AU844H401, 14AU845H062, 14AU845H088, 14AU848H300, 14AW804H401, 14AW814H401, 14AW834H401, 14AW844H401, 14AZ818H705, 14AZ818H706, 14B9843H206, 14BI845H129, 14BJ816H190, 14BJ845H062, 14BJ848H131, 14BS833H131, 14BS843H131, 14BS843H352, 14BS845H088, 14BU804H401, 14BU836H190, 14CU804H401, 190-117-000, 247.27432, 771H004 055, 771H029 229, 775H730, TM03212002, TMO-3104600, TMO-3204601, TMO-3304602, ZTT-2150



Replaces the Following OEM Part Numbers:


97547, 97553


618-0240, 618-0240A, 618-0430, 618-0430A, 618-0430B, 918-0240, 918-0240A, 918-0240C, 918-0430, 918-0430A, 918-0430B, 918-0430C




618-0240, 618-0240A, 618-0430, 618-0430A, 618-0430B, 918-0240, 918-0240A, 918-0240C, 918-0430, 918-0430A, 918-0430B, 918-0430C



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