Oregon 82-023 Spindle Assembly for Murray 20551, 24384, 492574, 90905, 92574




Product Description

This heavy-duty spindle assembly fits 28"-52" rail frames and 46"-52" GT rail frame tractors and includes the mounting hardware.

Product Details

Outside Diameter - 7"

Reinforced construction, heavier than OEM

Heavy-duty bearings

Outer diameter: 7", Zerk Fitting

Fits 28"-52" rail frame and 46"-52" GT rail frame tractors

Use with Oregon® 45-243 upper bearing and 45-242 lower bearing

Tapped mounting holes, includes mounting hardware

Fits the Following Models:


150 Models, 252 Models, 38500A, 38500B, 38500x192A, 38500x192B, 38500x30A, 38500x83A, 38500x92A, 38500x92B, 38501x50A, 38501x50B, 38501x50C, 38502x51A, 38502x51B, 38502x51C, 38502x51D, 38502x51E, 38502x52A, 38502x66A, 38502x67A, 38502x86A, 38502x86B, 38502x98A, 38502x98B, 38502x98C, 38502x98D, 38504A, 38504x25A, 38506x199A, 38506x4A, 38510x50A, 38510x59A, 38514x95A, 38515x83A, 38515x92A, 38515x92B, 38516x29A, 38516x29B, 38516x52A, 38516x52B, 38516x70A, 38560x81A, 38602x66F, 38602x70H, 38602x70J, 38623x5C, 38623x5D, 38632x66B, 38633x92A, 38633x92B, 38702x20D, 38702x20E, 38702x7A, 38702x7B, 38702x8D, 38702x8E, 38705A, 38705x30A, 38705x5B, 38706A, 38706x99A, 38706x99B, 38710A, 38710x99A, 38711x20A, 38711x20B, 38711x29A, 38711x29B, 38711x42A, 38711x52A, 38711x66A, 38711x67A, 38711x67B, 38711x67C, 38711x73A, 38711x73B, 38711x73C, 38711x96A, 38712x53A, 38712x66A, 38713x71A, 38714x51A, 38714x51B, 38715A, 38715x82A, 38716x82A, 39711x97A, 405014x92A, 405015x92A, 40501x30A, 40502x50A, 40502x50B, 40503x88A, 40503x88B, 40504x92A, 40505x95A, 40507x14A, 40507x31A, 40507x31B, 40507x8B, 40508x52A, 40508x92A, 40508x92B, 40508x92C, 40508x92D, 40508x92E, 40509x92A, 40530x192A, 40530x51A, 40530x51B, 40530x51C, 40530x83A, 40530x92A, 40531x50A, 40531x59A, 40541E, 40541x99C, 40560x50C, 40560x50D, 40560x50E, 40564x51C, 40564x51D, 425003x31A, 425003x8A, 42500A, 42500B, 42500C, 42500D, 42500x30A, 42500x30B, 42500x82A, 42500x82B, 42500x99A, 42504x71A, 42504x71B, 42504x99A, 42504x99B, 42505x92A, 42506x92A, 42508x92A, 42509x92B, 42510A, 42511x4A, 42511x4B, 42512x99A, 42514x31A, 42514x8A, 42515x92A, 42516x92A, 42516x92B, 42517x82A, 42532x50A, 42533x30A, 42534A, 42534x18A, 42534x25A, 42534x30A, 42536x192A, 42536x92A, 42537A, 42537x18A, 42538x30A, 42539A, 42539x18A, 42539x92A, 42542x6A, 42543x6A, 42544x31A, 42544x8A, 42544x8B, 42544x8C, 42544x8D, 42544x8E, 42544x8F, 42544x99A, 42545x29A, 42545x29B, 425601x53A, 42560x192A, 42560x192B, 42560x30A, 42560x83A, 42560x92A, 42560x92B, 425611x99A, 425611x99B, 42564x50A, 42564x59A, 42567x30A, 42567x6A, 42568x50A, 42568x59A, 42569x4A, 42569x6A, 42570x18A, 42571x14A, 42571x31A, 42571x8B, 46104x8C, 521613x89A

Replaces the Following OEM Part Numbers:


20551, 24384, 492574, 492574MA, 90905, 92574

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