Oregon 82-014 Spindle Assembly for AYP, Husqvarna 130794, 532130794




Product Description

Oregon spindles help restore power to your deck faster than ever before. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

Replaces AYP 130794

Heavy-duty version of Oregon 82-225

Fits 36", 38" & 42" ventilated decks

For star blade mount

Fits the Following Models:




1D2A3A, 1E2A9A, 1H2A9A, 259720, 259721, 259722, 259723, 259724, 270450, 270451, 271150, 271190, 271470, 271471, 271490, 271491, 279370, 2C3B1A, 2C3B1B, 2D3B3B, 2D3B3C, 2D3B3D, 2E3B3A, 2E3B3B, 2E3B3C, 2E3B3D, 2H4B3A, 2H4B3B, 2H4B3C, 2H4B3E, 2H4B6B, 2H4B6C, 2H4D3A, 2H4D3B, 2H4D3C, 2K4B3A, 2K4B9A, 2P4B9A, 2P4B9B, 2P4C3A, 2Q4B9A, 2Q4B9B, 3420-34, 3420-44, 3420-54, 3420-64, 3420-74, 3420-74A, 3420-74B, 3420-84, 3421H-74, 3421H-74A, 3421H-74B, 421170, 421171, 421172, 425014X92E, 425180, 440500, 440501, 446400, 6A1A1E, 6C1A7E, 6H1A9D, 7124A89, 7134A99, 7143A89, 7143A99, 7143B89, 7169A99, 7169B99, 7177A89, 7178B99, 7178C99, 7187A89, 7187A99, 7H4B6A, 7H4B8A, 850-6552, 8927B, 9149A89, 9149B89, 9169A99, 917.2525, 917.25252, 917.252521, 917.25258, 9177A89, 9177B89, 9178A99, 9178B99, 9187A89, 9187A99, 9187B89, 9191A89, 9191A99, 9191B89, 95189, 951890, 951891, 96012000300, 96012000301, 96012000400, 96012000401, 96012000403, 96012000700, 96012000702, 96012001100, 96012001101, 96012001102, 96012001500, 96012001600, 96012001602, 96012001700, 96012001800, 96012002100, 96012002200, 96012002300, 96012002301, 96012002400, 96012002600, 96012002601, 96012002700, 96012002701, 96012002800, 96012002801, 96012002900, 96012003000, 96012003001, 96012003100, 96012003101, 96012003500, 96012003501, 96012003600, 96012003601, 96012003700, 96012003800, 96012003801, 96012004200, 96012004201, 96012004500, 96012004501, 96012004700, 96012004701, 96012004800, 96012005300, 96012005500, 96012005700, 96012005900, 96012006000, 96012006200, 96012006201, 96012006900, 96012006901, 96012007500, 96012007900, 96014000100, 96016000100, 96016000200, 96016000202, 96016000300, 96016000301, 96016000302, 96016000303, 96016000400, 96016000401, 96016000402, 96016001200, 96016001300, 96016001301, 96017000100, 96017000101, 96017000200, 96017000201, 96017000300, 96017000400, AB13107B, AG15538A, AG15538B, AG17542STA, AG17542STB, AG185H42STA, AG22H42STA, AK12542C, AK12542D, AK125H42B, AK125H42C, AP125HR38A, AP12R38A, AY1236A, AY1236B, AY1236E, AY12536A, AY12536B, AY12B36C, AYF1236C, AYP1124A69, AYP1143A69, AYP1184A69, AYP7122A29, AYP7122B29, AYP7124A49, AYP7124A59, AYP7124A69, AYP7124A79, AYP7124B59, AYP7124B79, AYP7143A49, AYP7143A59, AYP7143A69, AYP7143A79, AYP7143B49, AYP7143B59, AYP7143B79, AYP7143C49, AYP7143C79, AYP7147A29, AYP7147B29, AYP7148A49, AYP7157A79, AYP7157B79, AYP7158A49, AYP7159A59, AYP7159A69, AYP7167A29, AYP7167A39, AYP7167A59, AYP7167A69, AYP7167A79, AYP7167B29, AYP7167B79, AYP7167C79, AYP7183A49, AYP7184A59, AYP7184A69, AYP8186A49, AYP9120A29, AYP9120A59, AYP9120B49, AYP9120B59, AYP9128A29, AYP9128B29, AYP9149A59, AYP9149A69, AYP9149A79, AYP9149B79, AYP9149C79, AYP9158A79, AYP9158B79, AYP9159A59, AYP9159A69, AYP9159B59, AYP9167A59, AYP9167A69, AYP9167A79, AYP9167B79, AYP9167C79, AYP9167D79, AYP9182A79, AYP9182B79, AYP9182C79, BB18542LT, BB185H42LT, BB185H42YT, BB24H42YT, BM125M92EJA, BM155H92EJA, CB1136C, CB13H36A, CB15H42B, CH1136A, CH1136B, CH1238A, CH1238B, CH14542A, CHD12538A, CHD12538B, CHD12538C, CHD12538D, CHD14542A, CHD145H42A, CHD145H42C, CHD145H42D, CLT4216B, CM1238A, CN1842STA, CO17542LT, CO1842STA, CO18542STA, CO18542STB, CO18542STC, CO185H42STA, CO185H42STB, CO185H42STC, CO18H42STA, CP10910A, CP10L36A, CP1238A, CP12542A, CP12542LTA, CP125T38A, CP12TR38A, CP1442A, CP1442B, CP14542A, CP14542B, CP14542C, CP1642A, CP1842A, CP1842B, CP1842C, CP18H42A, CS12538A, CS16H42A, CS16H42B, CT10L36A, CT10L36B, CT10L36C, CT1138B, CT1138C, CT1236C, CT1236D, CT1236E, CT1238A, CT1238B, CT1238C, CT1238D, CT12538B, CT12542C, CT12542D, CT12542E, CT12542F, CT12542G, CT12542H, CT12542J, CT12542K, CT12542L, CT12542M, CT12542N, CT12542P, CT12542S, CT125R38A, CT125R38B, CT12T38A, CT12T38B, CT12T38C, CT12T38D, CT12T38E, CT1442A, CT14538A, CT14538B, CT14538C, CT14538D, CT14538E, CT14542A, CT14542B, CT14542C, CT14542D, CT14542E, CT14542F, CT14542G, CT14542H, CT1642A, CT1842A, CTB1442A, CTH14542A, CTH14542B, CTH14542C, CTH14542E, CTH14542F, CTH14542G, CTH14542H, CTH14542J, CTH14542K, CTH1642A, CTH1642B, CTH1642C, CTH1642D, CTH1642E, CTH16542A, CTH16542B, CTL125R38A, CTL14R38A, CTW14542A, DB18542YT, DB185H42YT, DB24H42YT, DE1136A, DE1136B, DE1136C, DE11B36A, DE11B36B, DE11B36C, DE11B92A, DE1236RBA, DE1236RBB, DE1242A, DE1336RBA, DE14536RBA, DE14542RBA, DE145H36RBA, DE145H36RBC, DE155H42A, DE16H36RBA, DE16HT36RBA, DPR20H42STA, EN11TB36A, EN145RBA, EN145RBHA, GM12538A, GM1442A, GP1236A, GPT13B36C, GS12536A, GS14536HA, HALT150E, HCD145H42A, HD12538A, HD12538B, HD12538C, HD12538D, HD12538E, HD12538F, HD12538G, HD12538H, HD12538J, HD13538, HD1442A, HD14542A, HD14542B, HD145H42A, HD145H42B, HD145H42C, HD145H42E, HD145H42F, HD145H42G, HD145H42H, HD145H42J, HD17542, HD1842, HD19H42A, HD20H42, HD21H42, HD2G4E8A, HD2G4E8B, HD3K4E9A, HD3L4E9A, HD3L4E9B, HD3Q4E6A, HD3Q4E6B, HD3Q4E9A, HD3Q4E9B, HDC12538A, HDC12538B, HDC12538C, HDC145H42A, HDC145H42B, HDC145H42C, HDC145H42D, HDK19H42, HDT1338A, HDT1542A, J2118AA, LM145H42A, LT125, LT150, LT4216A, LT4216B, LT4216C, LT4216D, LT4216E, LT4216F, LT4218A, LT4218B, LT4218C, LT4218D, LTH145, M14542A, M14542B, MB1842LT, MBA1392A, MBA1392B, MBA16107A, MBA16107B, MT12536RBA, MT1336D, MT13H36D, MT15536RBHA, PB1842LT, PB1842LY, PB18542LT, PB185H42LT, PB18H42LT, PB19H42LT, PB19H42LTS, PBA195H42LT, PC1338A, PC14542A, PC14542B, PC14542C, PC14542D, PC1538A, PC1538B, PC1538C, PC1538D, PC1742STA, PC1742STB, PC17H42STA, PD15538LT, PD17542LT, PD1842STA, PD18542STA, PD18542STB, PD185H42STA, PD185H42STB, PD185H42STC, PD18H42STA, PD18H42STB, PD2042STA, PD20H42STA, PD20PH42STA, PD22H42STA, PD22H42STB, PD22H42STC, PD24PH42ST, PDB1842STA, PDB18H42STA, PDC18H42STA, PK1942LT, PK1942YT, PK19H42LT, PK19H42YT, PK20H42YT, PO13T38A, PO14542A, PO14542B, PO14542C, PO14542D, PO14542E, PO1538A, PO1538B, PO1538C, PO1538D, PO15538A, PO15538B, PO15538C, PO15538D, PO15542LT, PO16542A, PO16542B, PO165H42A, PO165H42C, PO165H42STA, PO165H42STB, PO1742STA, PO1742STB, PO1742STC, PO17542LT, PO17542STA, PO17542STB, PO17542STC, PO17542STD, PO175H42ST, PO175H42STA, PO175H42STB, PO17H42STA, PO17H42STB, PO1842STA, PO18H42STA, PP1036S, PP1036SA, PP1136J, PP1136JA, PP11536, PP11536A, PP11536K, PP11536KA, PP1242, PP1242A, PP12542J, PP12542JA, PP125H38K, PP125H38KA, PP125H42J, PP125H42JA, PP125R38J, PP125R38JA, PP12R38MI, PP12R38MIA, PP1338, PP1338A, PP1338B, PP1338D, PP14542K, PP14542KB, PP145H42, PP145H42A, PP145H42B, PP15H42K, PP15H42KB, PP165H42, PP165H42A, PPR14542A, PPR14542B, PPR16H42STA, PPR1742STA, PPR1742STB, PPR1742STC, PPR17H42STA, PPR17H42STB, PPR17H42STC, PPR2042STA, PPR2042STB, PPR2042STC, PPR20H42STA, PPR20H42STB, PPR20H42STC, PR1642STA, PR16H42STA, PR16H42STB, PR1742STA, PR1742STB, PR1742STC, PR1742STD, PR1742STE, PR1742STF, PR17542STA, PR17542STC, PR17H42STA, PR17H42STB, PR17H42STC, PR17H42STD, PR17H42STE, PR17H42STF, PR1842STA, PR1842STB, PR1842STC, PR1842STD, PR18542STA, PR18542STB, PR18542STC, PR185H42STA, PR185H42STB, PR185H42STC, PR185H42STD, PR185H42STE, PR185H42STF, PR185H42STG, PR185H42STH, PR2042STA, PR20H42STA, PR20H42STB, PR20H42STC, PR20H42STD, PR20PH42STA, PR20PH42STB, PR20PH42STC, PR20PH42STD, PRK17G42STA, PRK17G42STB, PRK17H42STA, PRK17H42STB, Q12538A, Q12538B, Q12538C, Q14542A, Q14542B, Q14542C, QP17H42STA, QP17H42STB, R1238A, R1238B, R125R38A, R12R38A, R14542A, R14542B, R14542C, R14542D, RA13538A, RA13538B, RE10L36B, RE10M36A, RE1136A, RE11B36A, RE11B36B, RE1238C, RE1242A, RE1242B, RE12538B, RE12542A, RE12C36B, RE12C36D, RE12C36E, RE12HB36A, RE12R38A, RE1338A, RE1442A, RE14542D, RE145H42F, RE145H42H, RE91R12B, RE91R12C, RE91R12D, RED145H36A, RER1236A, RER12536A, RER12536C, RER145H36A, RER145H36B, RER145H36C, RER145H36D, RER155H42A, RK1742STA, RK17H42STA, RL1036A, RL10L36A, RL10L36B, RL10L36C, RL1136A, RL1238D, RL1242A, RL12536TA, RL12536TB, RL125R38A, RL12N38A, RL12N38B, RL12N38C, RL12R38A, RL1442A, RL1842A, RLT10L36A, RLT125R38A, RLT125R38B, RLT12R38A, RPL2H4E3A, RPL2H4E6A, RPL2Q4E9A, RRT12L36A, RY1842A, S165H42A, S165H42C, S165H42D, SE1342A, SE1342B, SN14542D, SO1538A, SO1542A, SO15538A, SO15538B, SO15538LT, SO1742STA, SO17542LT, SO17542STA, SO17542STB, SO17H42STA, SO19H42LT, SP185H42LT, SP185H42STA, SP185H42STB, SP185H42YT, SP18H42STA, SP22H42STA, SP22H42STB, T10L36A, T1136B, T1138A, T1238A, T1238D, T1238E, T1238F, T12542A, T12542B, T12542C, T12542D, T12542E, T12542F, T1254B, T145H42A, T145H42B, T145H42C, TM12B36A, TMH1450, TMH1450H, TS1238A, TS14H42A, TS14H42B, TS14H42C, TS15H42A, UM15H42D, VL1336BAA, VL155H36BAA, WA1338A, WA15542A, WA1742STA, WA17H42STA, WA20H42STA, WE10L36A, WE1136A, WE1236A, WE1236B, WE12538B, WE12538C, WE12538D, WE12538E, WE12538F, WE12538G, WE12538H, WE12538J, WE12538K, WE12538M, WE12542A, WE12542B, WE12542C, WE12542D, WE12542E, WE12542F, WE125N38A, WE125R38A, WE12N38A, WE12N38C, WE12N38D, WE12N38E, WE12R38A, WE1338A, WE13538LT, WE13T38A, WE13T38B, WE13T38C, WE13T38D, WE1442A, WE14542A, WE14542C, WE14542D, WE14542E, WE14542F, WE14542G, WE14542GH, WE14542J, WE14542K, WE14542L, WE145H42A, WE145H42B, WE145H42C, WE145H42D, WE145H42E, WE145H42F, WE1538A, WE1538B, WE1538C, WE15T42A, WE1642A, WE1642B, WE16542A, WE16542B, WE16542D, WE165H42A, WE165H42B, WE165T42A, WE17TH42A, WE1842A, WE18542A, WE18542B, WE18542C, WE18542D, WE18542E, WE18542F, WE185H42A, WE185H42B, WE185H42C, WE185H42D, WE185H42E, WE185H42F, WE18H42A, WEA1136A, WEA13H38A, WEG1238A, WEG125R38A, WEG14PL42A, WEG1842A, WEM125R38A, WER14542A, WET12538A, WET12R38A, WET1338A, WET1338B, WET13T38A, WET14542A, WET1642A, WET1642B, WET1742A, WET1742B, WET1742STA, WET1742STB, WET17H42STA, WET2242STA, WET2242STB, WET2242STC, WET2242STD, WEX1236B, WEX1236D, WEX1242B, WEX1242C, WEX125CRDA, WEX125H42D, WEX1292A, WEX12H36B, WEX12H36C, WEX12H36D, WEX12TCRDA, WEX12TCRDB, WEX13TCRDA, WEX155HCRDA, WEX155HCRDB, WEX155HCRDC, WEX16THCRDA, WEY12542A, WEY1842A, WG1036A, WG1136C, WG11536B, WG1236B, WG1236C, WG15H42A, WP1036A, WP1238A, WP1238B, WP1238C, WP1238D, WP1238E, WP1238F, WP12542A, WP12542C, WP1254C, WP12R38A, WP12R38B, WP12R38C, WP1442A, WP14542A, WP14542B, WP14542C, WP14542E, WP14542F, WP145H42A, WP145H42B, WP145H42C, WP145H42E, WP145H42F, WP145H42G, WP14H38A, WP1842A, WP1842B, WX1238A, WX12542A, WX1842A, WZ1236B, WZ125H36A, WZ125H36B, WZ12B36B, WZ145H42B, WZ145H42C, WZ15536RDHA, X1036B, X12542A, X125R38A, X12D38B, X1442A, X14V38B, XB125R38MA, XB12R38A, XT185H42LT, XT24H42LT, XT24H42YT, Y10L36A, Y10L36B, Y1242C, Y1242D, Y12538B, Y12542D, Y12542E, Y12542G, Y12592RBA, Y125H38A, Y125H42A, Y1292RBA, Y1292RBB, Y12R38A, Y12R38B, Y12R38C, Y12R38D, Y1442A, Y145H92RBA, Y145H92RBB, Y155H107RBA, Y155H92RBA, Y1642A, Y1642B, Y18542A, Y19H42A, YC12542A, YC125H42A, YC125H42B, YC125H42C, YE10L36B, YE1236D, YE12R38A, YE1442A, YF1238A, YP1342A, YP1342B, YP1342C, YP1342D, YP1342E, YP1542A, YP1542B, YP1542C, YP15H42A, YP15H42B, YP15H42D, YP17H42A, YPB1742A, YPB17H42A, YPB17H42B

Replaces the Following OEM Part Numbers:


130794, 130794CS, 130794MS, 130794WA, 532130794



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