Oregon - 80-749 - Shear Pin for MTD 738-04124, 738-04124A, 938-04124A





Bolt Length - 1-1/2"

Bolt Diameter - .025”


This shear pin is for newer style snow throwers with a shear and hair pin combination. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.


  • For newer style snow throwers with shear pin and hair pin combination
  • Non-threaded
  • Use with Oregon 02-901 hair pin
  • Length: 1-1/2", Diameter: 1/4"
  • Replaces MTD

Fits the Following Models:


10528PC, 10528PC 31AH55K4897, 11530PC, 11530PC 31AH55K5897, 190-032-101, 19A70009OEM, 31A-32AD700, 31A-32AD706, 31A-32AD729, 31A-32AD752, 31A-32AD762, 31A-32AD765, 31A-32BD799, 31A-3AAD700, 31A-3BAD700, 31A-3BAD729, 31A-3BAD752, 31A-3BAD762, 31A-3BDE799, 31A-3CAD700, 31A-3CAD729, 31A-3CAD752, 31A-3CAD762, 31A-3CDE799, 31A-62BD700, 31A-62BD799, 31A-62EE729, 31A-63BD700, 31A-63BD706, 31A-6ACE700, 31A-6BCD700, 31A-6BCE705, 31AE5HTG799, 31AE5KLF701, 31AE5KLF795, 31AE5KLF801, 31AE5KLG801, 31AE5MLG729, 31AE5MLH795, 31AE6AHE722, 31AE6BHE718, 31AE6BHE722, 31AE6BHE723, 31AE6BHE790 SB-624, 31AE6BHE791 SB-624, 31AE6FFF700, 31AE6FFF752, 31AE6FHE706, 31AE6FHG705, 31AE6GFF795, 31AE6GKG731, 31AE6GKH730, 31AE6GLF701, 31AE6GLF722, 31AE6GLF723, 31AE6GLF790 SB-626, 31AE6GLF791 SB-626, 31AE6GLF795, 31AE6GLF801, 31AE6KKH731, 31AE6LFG700, 31AE6LFH718, 31AE6LHG705, 31AE6LLG705, 31AE6LLG722, 31AE6LLG723, 31AE6LLG790 SB-628, 31AE6LLG791 SB-628, 31AH54K3897, 31AH54K3897 90026PC, 31AH54SG793, 31AH54TG799, 31AH55K4897, 31AH55K4897 10528PC, 31AH55K489710528PC, 31AH55K5897, 31AH55K5897 11530PC, 31AH6LKH722, 31AS3AAD799, 31AS6ACD731, 31AS6BCE752, 31AS6BEE700, 31AS6CEG731, 31AS6DEG731, 31AS6FCE700, 31AS6FEE729, 31AS6FEF700, 31AS6FEG731, 31AS6LCE700, 31AS6LEG752, 32, 337 models, 90026PC, 90026PC 31AH54K3897, OEM-190-032

Replaces the Following Part Numbers:


738-04124, 738-04124A, 938-04124A, OEM-738-04124

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