Oregon - 80-743 - Shear Pin Bolt for MTD 710-0890, 910-0890, 910-0890A





Bolt Length - 1-1/2"

Bolt Size - 5/16-18


Snowy weather can prevent you from getting to work, but it shouldn't prevent you from working. An Oregon shear bolt reliably helps you do what you need to do all year.


  • Replaces: MTD 710-0890
  • Measures: 1-1/2" in length
  • Has a 5/16/18 thread
  • Fits: 400, 500, 600 and 700 series snow throwers
  • Sold as a single pack (bolt) per order

Fits the Following Models:


190-621-000, 190-621-190, 190-627-000, 190-823-000, 190-823-101, 240-550-000, 240-586-000, 251-586-000, 251-586-010, 251-586-013, 252-586-190, 310-440-000, 310-440-190, 310-450-000, 310-550-190, 310-552-000, 310-552-190, 310-586-190, 310-588-000, 310355, 310385, 311-440-000, 311-450-000, 311-550-000, 311-550-190, 311-552-190, 311-586-190, 311355, 311385, 312-440-190, 312-550-190, 312-552-190, 312-610E000, 312-610E032, 312-610E054, 312-610E088, 312-610E098, 312-610E102, 312-610E118, 312-610E134, 312-610E192, 312-610E352, 312-612E000, 312-612E054, 312-612E098, 312-640F000, 312-640F032, 312-640F054, 312-640F088, 312-640F098, 312-640F134, 312-640F192, 312-640F352, 312-642F000, 312-642F054, 312-642F102, 312-660G000, 313-610E000, 313-610E027, 313-610E031, 313-610E032, 313-610E054, 313-610E088, 313-610E095, 313-610E098, 313-610E102, 313-610E118, 313-610E120, 313-610E134, 313-610E161, 313-610E205, 313-610E352, 313-612E000, 313-612E027, 313-612E054, 313-612E095, 313-612E098, 313-612E161, 313-612E205, 313-616E190, 313-640F000, 313-640F027, 313-640F031, 313-640F032, 313-640F054, 313-640F088, 313-640F095, 313-640F098, 313-640F118, 313-640F120, 313-640F149, 313-640F161, 313-640F205, 313-640F352, 313-642F000, 313-642F027, 313-642F095, 313-642F102, 313-642F161, 313-642F205, 313-646F190, 313-648F190, 313-660G000, 313-660G054, 313-660G149, 313-660G161, 313-660G205, 31353-7, 31353-8, 31355-9, 31383-7, 31383-8, 31385-9, 314-610E000, 314-610E013, 314-610E088, 314-612E000, 314-616E131, 314-616E190, 314-646F190, 314-648F190, 314-666G190, 315-550-190, 315-616E190, 315-746E190, 315E646F190, 315E666H190, 315E756G190, 316-550-190, 316-610E147, 316-611D000, 316-611D118, 316-611D302, 316-611D352, 316-611D372, 316-611D700, 316-613E131, 316-616E190, 316-641E000, 316-641E118, 316-746E190, 316E610E000, 316E610E033, 316E610E088, 316E610E382, 316E610E700, 316E611D000, 316E611D352, 316E611D752, 316E613D401, 316E633E401, 316E633E701, 316E640F000, 316E640F013, 316E640F033, 316E640F088, 316E640F302, 316E640F352, 316E640F372, 316E640F382, 316E640F700, 316E640F752, 316E641E205, 316E643F131, 316E646-190, 316E660G000, 316E660G352, 316E660G700, 316E661E118, 316E663G131, 316E666H190, 316E733E401, 316E733E701, 316E740F000, 316E740F352, 316E740F700, 316E740F752, 316E753F401, 316E753F701, 316E756G190, 316E760F118, 317-440-190, 317-552-190, 317-611D000, 317-611D097, 317-611D118, 317-611D302, 317-611D372, 317-611D700, 317E610E000, 317E610E033, 317E610E088, 317E610E382, 317E611D120, 317E611D352, 317E613E131, 317E623D190, 317E623D401, 317E633E190, 317E633E401, 317E640F000, 317E640F033, 317E640F088, 317E640F352, 317E640F372, 317E640F700, 317E642E088, 317E642E120, 317E642E352, 317E643F131, 317E644E000, 317E644E097, 317E644E129, 317E644E302, 317E653F190, 317E660G000, 317E660G302, 317E660G352, 317E660G372, 317E661E118, 317E662G013, 317E662G120, 317E663G131, 317E663H190, 317E663H401, 317E733E190, 317E753F190, 317E760F118, 317E762F013, 318-440-190, 318-550-190, 318-552-190, 319-550-190, 319-552-190, 319-586-190, 418 models, 429 models

Replaces the Following Part Numbers:


710-0890, 710-0890A, 910-0890, 910-0890A, OEM-710-0890

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