Oregon 792-031 Replacement Blade for 60" Exmark, Encore - 103-6383, 103-6388, 103-6393, 103-6403, 543294





Blade Width 2.50"
Blade Thickness 0.203"
Blade Length 20-1/2"
Center Hole Size 15/16"
OffSet 0
Air Lift 1"

Product Description

The Oregon® 7792-031 lawn mower blade is created to provide consistency and longevity, while delivering a cleaner cut and quality results.

Product Details

Requires 3 blades for 60" cut
Fits many Lazer Z series
Major brand replacement: Exmark
Replaces OEM No. 103-6403, 103-6403-S

WARNING: This product can expose you to Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Fits Exmark Models:

FMD604, Front Runner Decks, LZDS902K60RD, LZE27KC604, LZE730EKC604, LZE730GKA604A3, LZE730GKA604B3, LZE730GKA60RA1, LZE730KA604, LZE730KA604SS, LZE740EKC604, LZE740EKC60400, LZE740EKC604A3, LZE740KC604, LZE740KCE604L, LZE742GKC60400, LZE742GKC60403, LZE742GKC604A3, LZE742GKC604B1, LZE742KC604, LZE751CKA604A1, LZE751GKA604A1, LZE751GKA604C1, LZE751GKA60RA1, LZE801GKA604A3, LZE801GKA604B1, LZE801GKA60RA1, LZS25EKC604, LZS25KC604, LZS27KC604, LZS27KC604CA, LZS27KC604SS, LZS29PKA604, LZS29PKA606, LZS730EKC604, LZS740EKC60RD, LZS740EKC60RS, LZS740KC604, LZS740KC604CA, LZS740PKA604, LZS740PKC604, LZS740PKC60400, LZS742CKC60400, LZS742KC604, LZS749AKC604A1, LZS749EKC604, LZS749EKC60400, LZS749EKC604A1, LZS749EKC604SS, LZS801GKA60400, LZS801GKA604A1, LZS801KA604, LZS801KA604SS, LZS801PKA604, LZS902DKU60R00, LZX27KC606, LZX27KC606CA, LZX29EKC606, LZX29EKC606CA, LZX29EKC606SS, LZX29KA606, LZX29KA606SS, LZX34KC606, LZX34KC606SS, LZX38KC606, LZX38KC606CA, LZX38KC606SS, LZX740KC606, LZX740KC606CA, LZX749EKC606, LZX801CKA60600, LZX801CKA606C1, LZX801GKA60600, LZX801KA606, LZX801KA606SS, LZX921GKA60600, LZX921KA606, LZX940EKC606, LZX940EKC60600, LZX940EKC606T0, LZX940EKC60RT0, LZX940KC606, LZX980KC606, Lazer AS, Lazer Z AC, Lazer Z AS, Lazer Z Air Cooled 604, Lazer Z CT, Lazer Z LC, Lazer Z XP, Lazer Z XS, Next Lazer ASX, Next Lazer Z Air Cooled, Next Lazer Z Propane, PNS730KA604, PNS740GKC60RA3, PNS740KC604, PNS740KC604SS, RAE708GEM60300, RAS740CKC60300, RAS740GKC60R00, RAX730GKA604A3, TTX650EKC60400, TTX650EKC604N0, TTX650EKCE604, TTX650EKCE604N, TTX680PKC60400, TTX680PKCE604, TTX691CKA60400, TTX691KAE604, TTX691KAE604CA, VTS740EKC60400, VTS740PKC60400, VTX740EKC60400


Encore - 543294

Exmark - 103-383-S, 103-6383, 103-6383-S, 103-6388, 103-6388-S, 103-6393, 103-6393-S, 103-6398, 103-6398-S, 103-6403, 103-6403-S, 116-5174, 116-5174-S, 116-8181, 116-8181-S, 116-8196, 116-8196-S

J Thomas - EX-21

Mowmore - EX11224

Rotary - 11224, 11248

Stens - 355-287, 355-343

Sunbelt - B1EM1880

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