Oregon - 76-075 - Rubber Drive Disc Ring for Cub Cadet, MTD 735-0243B, 935-0243B





Snowy weather can prevent you from getting to work, but it shouldn't prevent you from working. An Oregon Rubber Ring for your Drive Disc reliably helps you do what you need to do all year.


  • Fits: self-propelled snow throwers built from 1992-2005
  • Outer Diameter: 5", Inner Diameter: 4", Width 1/2"

Fits the Following Models:


125 models, 24A-315C190, 313-610E000, 313-610E027, 313-610E031, 313-610E032, 313-610E054, 313-610E088, 313-610E095, 313-610E098, 313-610E102, 313-610E118, 313-610E120, 313-610E134, 313-610E161, 313-610E205, 313-610E352, 313-612E000, 313-612E027, 313-612E054, 313-612E095, 313-612E098, 313-612E161, 313-612E205, 313-616E190, 313-640F000, 313-640F027, 313-640F031, 313-640F032, 313-640F054, 313-640F088, 313-640F095, 313-640F098, 313-640F118, 313-640F120, 313-640F149, 313-640F161, 313-640F205, 313-640F352, 313-642F000, 313-642F027, 313-642F095, 313-642F102, 313-642F161, 313-642F205, 313-646F190, 313-648F190, 313-660G000, 313-660G054, 313-660G149, 313-660G161, 313-660G205, 314-610E000, 314-610E013, 314-610E088, 314-612E000, 314-616E131, 314-616E190, 314-640F000, 314-640F088, 314-642F000, 314-646F131, 314-646F190, 314-648F190, 314-660G000, 314-666G131, 314-666G190, 315-611D000, 315-611D118, 315-611D352, 315-613E131, 315-616E190, 315-641E000, 315-641E118, 315-661E118, 315-718E099, 315-746E190, 315E610E000, 315E633E401, 315E640F000, 315E640F013, 315E640F088, 315E640F352, 315E641E000, 315E641E205, 315E643F131, 315E646F190, 315E660G000, 315E663G131, 315E666H190, 315E733E401, 315E740F000, 315E740F352, 315E748F099, 315E753F401, 315E756G190, 316-610E147, 316-611D000, 316-611D118, 316-611D302, 316-611D352, 316-611D372, 316-611D700, 316-613E131, 316-616E190, 316-641E000, 316-641E118, 316-746E190, 316E610E000, 316E610E033, 316E610E088, 316E610E382, 316E610E700, 316E611D000, 316E611D352, 316E611D752, 316E646-190, 316E666H190, 316E756G190, 317E623D190, 317E633E190, 317E653F190, 317E663H190, 317E733E190, 317E753F190, 31A-611D000, 31A-611D062, 31A-611D129, 31A-611D205, 31A-614E205, 31A-6BCD700, 31A-6BCE705, 31A6C0F382, 31AD6J3D190, 31AD6K3E190, 31AD7K3E190, 31AD7N3F190, 31AE458G099, 31AE553F401, 31AE558F099, 31AE558G099, 31AE573H190, 31AE573H401, 31AE5D8E099, 31AE5E3F190, 31AE5HTG799, 31AE5KLF701, 31AE5MLG729, 31AE600E022, 31AE600E161, 31AE600E300, 31AE600E382, 31AE623D190, 31AE633E190, 31AE640E206, 31AE640F000, 31AE640F131, 31AE640F161, 31AE640F205, 31AE640F352, 31AE640G131, 31AE643E401, 31AE643G131, 31AE653F190, 31AE660F013, 31AE660F129, 31AE660G022, 31AE660G034, 31AE660G205, 31AE660G300, 31AE663G131, 31AE663H190, 31AE663H401, 31AE664G352, 31AE665E118, 31AE665F118, 31AE6AHE722, 31AE6BHE722, 31AE6BHE723, 31AE6C0F022, 31AE6C0F300, 31AE6C0F382, 31AE6C3H131, 31AE6COF300, 31AE6FFF700, 31AE6FFF752, 31AE6FHE706, 31AE6FHG705, 31AE6GKG731, 31AE6GLF701, 31AE6GLF722, 31AE6GLF723, 31AE6KKH731, 31AE6LFG700, 31AE6LFH718, 31AE6LHG705, 31AE6LLG705, 31AE6LLG722, 31AE6LLG723, 31AE6Q0F034, 31AE733E190, 31AE753F190, 31AE763G401, 31AE7E3F190, 31AE7H8G799, 31AE993I401, 31AE993J401, 31AH4G3F190, 31AH4Q3G190, 31AH553G401, 31AH573H190, 31AH5B3H190, 31AH5C3F190, 31AH5F3F190, 31AH660G300, 31AH6LKH722, 31AH773H190, 31AH7E3F190, 31AH7L3G701, 31AH7Q3G190, 31AH7S3G701, 31AS610E000, 31AS611D062, 31AS611D129, 31AS611D163, 31AS611E352, 31AS615E099, 31AS640F352, 31AS644E000, 31AS644E129, 31AS6ACD731, 31AS6BCE752, 31AS6BEE700, 351 models, SB1150T, SB1150W, SB850W, SB855 4X4, SB950T, YB950

Replaces the Following Part Numbers:


735-0243B, 935-0243B


735-0243, 735-0243B, 935-0243B

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