Oregon 72-722 Flat Free Wheel Assembly - 9x350-4 for Exmark 103-1224, 103-2171





Size - 9x350-4

Hub Type - Centered

Hub Length - 4-1/2"

Product Description

A tire that will never go flat-- What more could you ask for! This tire is semi-pneumatic to provide traction and grip even in the most treacherous conditions.

Product Details

  • 9" x 350-4 slick tread design
  • Semi-pneumatic, flat free tire
  • Roller bearing size: 3/4"

Fits the Following Models:


32-12.5K-5, 32-8.5B-5, EX20KC, EXS-18KO, EXS-18KO-2, EXS-20KC, EXS-20KC-2, EXS-20KO, FMD-52, FMD-60, FMD52-2, FMD523, FMD524, FMD60-2, FMD603, FMD604, FR524, FR604, FR724, M15KA322P, M15KA362, M15KA362P, M15KA483, M15KA483P, M16KA322P, M16KA362, M16KA362P, M16KA483, M16KA483P, M32-12.5K-5, M32-12.5KO-5, M32-8.5B-5, M3211B, M3213KA, M3213KC, M329B, M36-12.5K-5, M36-12.5KO-5, M36-14K-5, M36-14KO-5, M3613KA, M3613KAC, M3613KC, M3614KA, M3615KA, M3615KC, M3615KCC, M48-12.5K-5, M48-12.5KO-5, M48-14K-5, M48-14KO-5, M48-16BV-5, M4814KA, M4815KA, M4815KAC, M4815KC, M4815KCC, M4817KA, M52-14K-5, M52-14KO-5, M52-16BV-5, M5214KA, M5215KC, MG16KA322P, MG16KA322PCA, MG16KA362, MG16KA362CA, MG16KA362P, MG16KA483, MG16KA483CA, MG16KA483P, MG481KA322P, MG481KA362, MG481KA362CA, MG481KA362P, MG481KA483, MG481KA483CA, MG481KA483P, MHP3614KA, MHP3615KA, MHP3615KAC, MHP3615KC, MHP4814KA, MHP4815KA, MHP4815KAC, MHP4815KC, MHP4816B, MHP4817KA, MHP5216B, MHP5217KA, THP15KA363, THP16KA363, THP16KA483, THP17KA483, THP17KA523, THP18KA523, THP19KAE483, THP19KAE523, THP20KAE483, THP20KAE523, TR-18BV, TR-18KC, TR-18KO, TR-20BV, TR-20KC, TR-20KO, TR-22KC, TR22KC, TR23KC, TR23KC524, TT-14K, TT-18KO, TT-20KO, TT18KC, TT19KA, TT22KC, TT23KA, TT23KC, TT3614KA, TT3615KA, TT3615KAC, TT3615KC, TT4814KA, TT4815KA, TT4815KC, TT4816BV, TT4817KA, TT4817KAC, TT4817KAE, TT4817KAEC, TT4819KAC, TT4819KAEC, TT5216BV, TT5217KA, TT5217KAC, TT5217KAEC, TT5219KAC, TT5219KAEC, TTH-14K, TTH-16BV, TTH-18KC, TTH-20KC, TTH-22KC, TTH18KO, TTS16KA363, TTS16KA363CA, TTS16KA483, TTS16KA483CA, TTS16KA523, TTS20KAE483, TTS20KAE483CA, TTS20KAE523, TTS20PKAE483, TTS20PKAE523, TTS481CKA36300, TTS481GKA48300, TTS481KA363, TTS481KA363CA, TTS481KA483, TTS541CKA48300, TTS541GKA52300, TTS541KA483CA, TTS541KA523, TTS600GKA483E0, TTS600GKA523E0, TTS600KAE483, TTS600KAE523, TTS600PKAE483, TTS680PKC48300, TTS680PKCE483, V36-12.5K-5, V36-12.5KO-5, V36-14K-5, V36-14K-H, V36-14KO-5, V36-14KO-H, V3613KA, V3613KC, V48-12.5K-5, V48-12.5KO-5, V48-14K-5, V48-14K-H, V48-14KO-5, V48-14KO-H, V48-16BV-H, V4814KA, V4815KC, V52-14K-5, V52-14K-H, V52-14KO-5, V52-14KO-H, V52-16BV-H, VH16KA362, VH16KA362CA, VH16KA483, VH16KA483CA, VH3215KCC, VH3614KA, VH3615KA, VH3615KAC, VH3615KC, VH4814KA, VH4815KA, VH4815KAC, VH4815KC, VH481KA362, VH5216BV

Replaces the Following OEM Parts:


1-513648, 1-513807, 103-1224, 103-2171, 103-4689, 513648

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