Oregon 33-741 Electric Starter for Honda 31210-ZE1-023




Product Description

This starter motor replacement part is a 12 volt and fits 5.5HP GX160 series engines. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

  • Replaces Honda 31210-ZE1-023
  • Also replaces 31210-ZE6-651
  • High quality OEM replacement part

Replaces the Following OEM Part Numbers:


31210-ZE1-023, 31210-ZE6-651

Fits the Following Models:


GX140 QXE, GX160K1 HXE2, GX160K1 HXE2/A, GX160K1 HXE2/B, GX160K1 L1, GX160K1 L1/A, GX160K1 Q1, GX160K1 Q1/A, GX160K1 QSC2, GX160K1 QSC2/A, GX160K1 QXE, GX160K1 QXE2, GX160K1 QXE2/A, GX160K1 QXE2/B, GX160K1 R1, GX160K1 R1/A, GX160K1 RXE2, GX160K1 RXE2/A, GX160K1 RXE2/B, GX160K1 S1, GX160K1 S1/A, GX160K1 W1, GX160K1 W1/A, GX160T1 QXE2, GX160U1 HXE2, GX160U1 HXE8, GX160U1 QKA4, GX160U1 QSC2, GX160U1 QXE2, GX160U1 QXE4, GX160U1 QXE5, GX160U1 QXE6, GX160U1 QXE8, GX160U1 QXW, GX160U1 QXWE, GX160U1 RXE2, GX160U1 RXE4, GX160U1 SWG4, GX160U1 SXE4, GX160U1 SXE5, GX160U1 VTH4, GX160U1 VXE4, GX160U1 VXE7, GX160UT1 QXE2, GX160UT1 QXE5, GX160UT1 QXWE, GX160UT1 RXE2, GX160UT1 SXE5, GX160UT1 VXE9

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