Jiffy Augers - 3305 - Deluxe Mille Lacs Ice Chisel




Jiffy Augers - 3305 - Deluxe Mille Lacs Ice Chisel

Jiffy® Mille Lacs Ice Chisels were inspired by a handmade ice chisel used on the legendary Minnesota fishing Lake, Mille Lacs. They use the same technology as all Jiffy® ice blades and enable the user to do things no spud bar can match, such as:

  • Rapidly chisel a hole - even in three feet of ice
  • Flare out the bottom of a drilled hole to make it easier to land the larger fish species
  • Shave and shape ice to suit your needs
  • Deluxe model features adjustable lengths: 63.5" long when connected and 69.5" long when extended
  • Includes Handle Strap

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