Jiffy Augers - 30-08-ALL-XT - Model 30 XT 2-Cycle Gas Ice Auger w/ 8" Auger




Jiffy Augers - 30-08-ALL-XT - Model 30 XT 2-Cycle Gas Ice Auger

Go light, go quick, and punch all the holes you'll need with the easy-to-handle Jiffy Model 30 XT‚Ñ¢ 2-Cycle Gas Ice Auger. Weighing only about 30 lbs., this conventional ice drill generates exceptional hole-cutting power, yet is easy to transport around the ice. The Model 30 XT's ease of use is centered around its High Torque Transmission, which incorporates a heavy-duty clutch and optimal gearing to generate maximum torque at the point of contact. Its XT drill assembly features proven D-Ice'r ARMOR‚Ñ¢ and Jiffy's high-performance Ripper‚ serrated blade, an ice-chewing beast that cuts up to 25% faster and holds its edge 2-3 times longer than other auger blades. E-Z Start starter with convenient mitten grip handles. Gasoline-powered 52cc, 2-cycle engine. Includes Easy Snap‚ blade protector. Mfrs. 2-year limited warranty.

  • Manufacturer model #: 30-08-ALL-XT.
  • Light and quick, with great hole-cutting power
  • Easy transport
  • High Torque Transmission
  • Heavy-duty clutch plus optimal gearing
  • Proven D-Ice'r ARMOR
  • Ripper serrated blade cuts up to 25% faster
  • E-Z Start starter
  • Mitten grip handles

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