EHS - 14AEHS7 - 1/4" Cable Coil 250'




EHS Cable Coil 250'

EHS (Extra High Strength) has many field or trade names often called guy strand, guy wire or guide wire but they normally refer to 1x7 EHS galvanized strand cable.

Designed with very little stretch and flexibility this cable is generally used to reinforce and add stability to tall structures; reinforcing everything from radio towers to wind turbines and is ideal for bracing and tensioning applications for utility work and for arborists for cabling trees.

  • 1x7 EHS Galvanized, Left hand lay
  • 3/16: MBS 3,990 lbs; 18 lbs Weight / 250'
  • 1/4: MBS 6,650 lbs; 30 lbs Weight / 250'
  • 5/16: MBS 11,200 lbs; 52.5 lbs Weight / 250'
  • 3/8: MBS 15,400 lbs; 62.5 lbs Weight / 250'
  • Class A galvanized, meets ASTM A-475, independent lab verified / quality assured

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