DMM - A482CBGR - Green/Titanium XSRE Lock Captive Bar Carabiner




MM XSRE Lock Captive Bar Carabiner

Now available with an optional locking screwgate and captive bar for extra security. The removable threaded captive bar helps ensure the correct orientation with lanyards and holds components securely. The DMM XSRE Lock Captive Bar Carabiner is a perfectly formed, high performance accessory clip. It has a functional industrial pedigree, yet crosses over easily into everyday life situations. Widely adopted for non-PPE use on working at height sites, the XSRE is just as useful on a tree care harness to organize gear as it is for clipping keys onto a belt loop.

  • Symmetrical D shape with a removeable threaded captive bar
  • Anti-vibration screw gate version for added security
  • Hot forged I-beam construction for high strength-to-weight ratio
  • MBS: 4 kN
  • Weight: 12 g

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