CMI - ULT01R - Large Ultrascender Hand Ascender




CMI Large Ultrascender Hand Ascender

The CMI Ultrascender Large features an ergonomic safety mechanism and thumb notch on the cam make this an easy ascender to operate. CMI guarantees their cams, springs and safeties for life.

  • Ascender body is extruded from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, and finished with a hard powder coat to permanently protect them from the elements.
  • Cams are cast from chromemoly steel and finished with a non-metallic finish that gives them the same corrosion resistance as stainless steel
  • Springs are tested to over a million cycles, simulating lifetimes of the most demanding use.
  • Rope Capacity: up to 5/8"
  • Length: 7.4" x 3"
  • MBS: 4,600 lbs
  • Weight: 9.5 oz

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