Carlisle Tire - 519087 - 5.70-8 USA Trail (Rim Not Included)





The Carlisle USA Trail is a trailer tire specially designed for drivers looking for versatility and durability. Ideal for golf carts, trailers, campers, utility cars, heavy utility equipment, and farm equipment, the Carlisle USA Trail is designed to provide optimal performance on various terrains. Whether you're driving on gravel, pebbles, or bumpy dirt roads, you can be assured that this tire has your back. It features a specific tread compound and a tire profile which lets it wear evenly. This lets you enjoy the tire for longer since the even wear prevents it from damaging prematurely. To enhance this even more is the puncture-resistant nature of the tire thanks to its 6-ply construction which exceeds the US Department of Transportations standards. Helping you handle any kind of terrain are the rugged treads. The Carlisle USA Trail is approved by the US Department of Transportation for highway use.

Product Highlights:

  • Commercial tire
  • Constriction exceeds the standards of the US Department of transportation
  • Ideal for most trailers for its versatile nature that allows you to drive it on various terrains
  • Wears evenly with its special tread compound and tire profile


  • Size – 5.70-8
  • Mounted Diameter – 18.80”
  • Mounted Width – 6”
  • Rim Width – 3.80”
  • Max Capacity @ 10 MPH – 910
  • Max PSI – 75
  • Speed Rating – 62
  • Tread Depth - 10

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