BUCK - 7L08T18J - TreeSqueeze Adjustable Choking Lanyard System




Buck TreeSqueeze Adjustable Choking Lanyard System

Buck TreeSqueeze is used for fall restraint and work positioning. This innovative work positioning lanyard allows for a secured ascent up the tree giving you all the safety and confidence you need when conductive tree removals with gaffs.

  • TreeSqueeze integrates a choking lanyard system that keeps you from falling down the tree in the event of a Gaff out.
  • Made from high strength 7/16" doubled the rope for extra rigidity, cut resistance and surface area
  • The double rope specifically protects against cuts from hand saws and provides the user with a smoother ascent.
  • Aluminum ring Prusik provides users with quick and easy adjustment for different diameter trees and a secure tie-in point when a natural tie in point doesn’t exist
  • Prusik is key for easy descent, self-rescue and even doubles as a friction saver.
  • Overall Length: 8'
  • Contains Red Wear Center
  • Weight: 1.10 lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

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