BUCK - 601L - Large Powder-Coated Port-A-Wrap III Steel





The Buck Port-A-Wrap has been widely popular among the modern-day arborist, old school arborist would lower heavy wood by wrapping the lines around nearby trees causing damage to trees and often causing accidents.

  • Lower heavy wood in a controlled manner
  • Faster for grounds person
  • User-friendly design
  • Allow grounds person to be out of the drop zone completely while lowering wood to ground
  • Mini - 601M (1/2 rope capacity) WLL: 1,000 lb
  • Small - 601N (5/8 rope capacity) WLL: 2,000 lb
  • Large - 601L Powder coated (3/4 max rope) WLL: 2,000 lb
  • Large - 601LN (3/4 rope capacity) WLL: 2,000 lb

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