BCS Ridger - DMW002AD




Genuine OEM BCS Ridger - DMW002AD

Creates furrows in previously worked, "loose" soil.


  • Adjustable wings to set the width of the furrow.
  • Wing span can reach up to 21'' wide.
  • Easily attaches to any Tool Carrier accessory.
  • Dual furrow action when two Ridgers are installed on the Straight Bar Tool Carrier.


The Ridger implement allows BCS owners to create ridges and furrows in previously tilled soil. So after the seedbed has been prepared by a BCS tiller, the Ridger can move the loose soil to the desired height and position.

When two Ridgers are attached to the Straight Bar, the operator can leave a width of undisturbed soil, thus creating a walkway between the two rows of hilled crops.

The Ridger easily slides and fastens onto any Tool Carrier accessory and is height-adjustable, set by a bolt on the preferred Tool Carrier.

Required Accessory: Tool Carrier Kit

Recommended Accessories:

  • Wheel Weights
  • Straight Bar (to drag multiple Ridgers)

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