ARS - EXP55C - Full Telescoping 7.1' – 18.4' Pole Saw Kit




ARS EXP55C Telescoping 7.1'–18.4' Pole Saw

Light, quick, easy to extend poles let you prune up high without using ladders. The aluminum is super lightweight and easy to maneuver and control. With a unique rectangular shape the poles give you solid stability while sawing.

  • Lightweight 7.1'–18.4' long telescoping pole saw with 16" blade with hook, bark cutter, and raker teeth
  • Parallel wall construction of pole is strong and minimizes sway
  • Hard chrome plated blade
  • Poles can be interchanged with other ARS Saw Heads
  • Kit Includes (Weight 5.9 lbs): SCEXP55 (Pole), SAUV40 (Pole Saw Head and Scabbard)

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